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Why Should I Make A Sharia Compliant Will?

Islam (the beautiful religion) has made some mandatory laws, duties, and rights to be fulfilled by the Muslim Ummah towards each other. Islamic Will (al-wasiyya) is one of those rightful duties that are expected to be fulfilled in a certain manner as directed by the Quran.

Islamic Wills Trust is focused on providing you the right guidance needed on creating a will (al-wasiyya) as per the Islamic regulations and guidance.Our aim is to educate you on the importance and need for rightly written Islamic wills. Furthermore, our focus is to guide families and individuals who face disputes, issues, ambiguities, and unnecessary misunderstandings on the basis of land/jewelry/money, etc. distribution when it comes to a will.

To avoid such circumstances, Islam has defined a proper guideline to follow and thus a certain set of regulations must be followed before noting down a “will”. Islamic encourages to make a proper Islamic will within the lifetime of an alive person. Moreover, in the light of Islamic teachings, an Islamic will is significant to have because:

“It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequest not to let two nights pass without writing a will about it.”
(Sahih al-Bukhari)

What do you need
to make a proper Islamic Will?

How To Create OR WRITE an Islamic Will?

A proper Islamic Will would allow you to fulfill your Islamic duty and will make you feel at peace here and hereafter.

Furthermore, before writing an Islamic will according to Shariah Inheritance law  you need to have a clear understanding of the following:


  • Asses the value of your current assets
  • Whether you need to hire a solicitor or not for legal proceedings
  • Beneficiary: Who will benefit from your will (inheritance as per the guidance of the Quran)
  • Who can use the assets (Power of Attorney)
  • Property Division: How your property or any monetary belonging will be divided among individuals (if more than one)
  • Who will be your witness
  • Who would you want to transfer and what in your will
  • Funeral expenses

“A man may do good deeds for seventy years but if he acts unjustly when he leaves his last testament, the wickedness of his deed will be sealed upon him, and he will enter the Fire. If, (on the other hand), a man acts wickedly for seventy years but is just in his last will and testament, the goodness of his deed will be sealed upon him, and he will enter the Garden.”
(Ahmad and Ibn Majah)

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Why Should I Make A Sharia Compliant Will?

The Muslim community abroad faces difficulty in finding someone who could guide them on creating a lawfull will based on Islamic regulations and conditions. Considering the need, Islamic Wills Trust is here to guide you better on the dealings and regulations of Islamic Wills and how to have one.

We provide a wide range of services and solutions pertaining to Islamic wills. Islam highly believes in the ultimate concept of Equality and thus encourages everyone to follow the path of right and equality among others. To make reliable, long-lasting and immediate improvements to the lives of the people we assure you to provide you with the best possible ways and solutions to write down your Islamic will in an appropriate manner that can be used after your death and shall not be nullified in any case.

If a person fears that the testator is [wrongfully] inclined [to one party] or is sinning [by depriving the rightful heir in the will, and so that person intervenes between the testator and the potential heirs] and makes peace between them – then there is no sin on him. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (2:182)


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We are the Muslim financial consultants who are considerate about providing Personalized Islamic Estate Planning.

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Islamic Wills Trust is here to assist the Muslim community with detailed information about Islamic Estate Planning with an aim to allow the Muslims to

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It is good to plan for hereafter, but we always encourage and recommend our Muslim American clients to consider protecting their life with overall

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To have a peace of soul and mind, it is important to consider halal investment. Investing in accordance with Islamic principles can offer numerous benefits

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Islamic Wills Trust believes in the confidentiality of its customers. The trust entrusted by our customers

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The main purpose of the legislative tools utilized in the process of asset protection is not meant to cover any personal or business properties or to cheat


What our client say’s about us

Thanks for great services.


Very knowledgeable. Very professional. Excellent, on-time service.

Omari Muhammad

I will surely recommend Yasir. We had multiple reviews of the trust documents until when i was satisfied. Thank you for your patience with my multiple updates.

Hassan Idris

It is not very often that you get both a high quality product and service, and with Yasir we have received both. Yasir is a subject matter expert who helped us set up a will. Power of attorney. and advance medical directive, and answered all of our questions throughout the process in a timely manner.

We highly recommend Yasir Zia

Ahmed E. Haque

I recommend Yasir’s services. He provides excellent services. He explains the services he offers comprehensively and walks you through every step of the process. He is professional, extremely patient, and courteous. More importantly, I recommend Yasir because he is passionate about helping our community fulfill this religious tenet that is simply out of loving for his brother and sister what he loves for himself

Kaleem Venable

Yasir is an extraordinary person and entrepreneur. His untiring and relentless dedication to excellence has affording Yasir the opportunity to provide financial services, professional and technical skills that have enhanced the lives of countless people. Because of Yasir’s Financial Consultation, Islamic Wills & Trusts, and Financial Planning and Services, numerous lives have been changed.

I highly recommended and suggest if one has the opportunity to work with Yasir, don’t hesitate, jump in with both feet, you won’t be disappointed

Lionel Walton
Retired Army Officer
and NASA Employee

Lionel Walton

It was a true pleasure working on my last will with Mr Yasir, who was very helpful and explained things professionally. He made the process very smooth and efficient. Also very flexible to work on client’s schedule.

Dr. Syed A Salahuddin

With Yasir’s help, the complicated task of writing a will was made very simple; thus, putting me at ease knowing that my family will be taken care of.

Aziz Cheema

I am very thankful to Mr Yasir for creating Islamic will idea, it solved my family’s problems, it is very perfect according to sharia & American laws, god bless you for doing this noble work. Thanks

Mr & Mrs Dr Munawar Abbasi

I just want to take this time to thank you for every thing you have done for my wife and myself. You guided us in making our will and also made sure that you even when with us to the banks to complete the will. You respond to all the calls or e-mails we forward to you with out any hesitation and you are also presently helping me with my 401k and my retirement to make a solid decision as to how to invest my finance. You are a very caring person and I thank you for that. Thanks

Ahmed El-Hage



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