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We started back in 2007 with estate planning, financial consultation, and retirement planning for our clients, especially with Muslims. Later on, after receiving hundreds of queries about Islamic Will, thus our management decided to work in this domain and help our Muslim community. Islamic Wills Trust was formed with the aim of providing Islamic Estate Planning and Islamic wills to Muslim clients.

In the USA, most of our clients were concerned about the distribution of their wealth, land or any other valuables among their children as per the Islamic Inheritance law as well as United States local, state and federal law. Considering the importance and need of an hour, we decided to go all-in by educating ourselves about Islamic Inheritance law and how different types of Islamic wills can be created and executed around it.

Islamic Wills Trust is now equipped with the right set of knowledge and expertise to guide our clients on Islamic wills by considering both Islamic Inheritance Law and the USA laws. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of both laws while creating a will and without making either of the laws conflicts with each other.

If you are facing difficulties in deciding and concluding on an Islamic will then we are here to guide you on the right path. Our team is well-versed with Islamic Inheritance law and the USA laws and thus can guide you better with the exact information needed to create an error-free will.

The proper legal advice given by Islamic Wills Trust helps to ensure your estate passes to the right beneficiaries (let it be your children or any other blood relation), in the right shares – as per Islamic Inheritance law, and also allows you to utilize the relevant nil rate allowances, reliefs, and exemptions you are entitled to.

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About Yasir Zia

Why I Came To Financial Services

While in college I started working for a pharmaceutical company that specialized in supply to Federal Government in Washington D.C, especially the National institute of health. In just 3 months, i was promoted to sales manager with the company. Everything was working very well for almost 2 years, then in June of 2005 my loving father at the age of 44- years old had a sudden brain hemorrhage. He was admitted to the hospital in Annapolis, Maryland. He was hospitalized for one month and two days before his death.

That day I felt that I did not just lose my father as a young 22- years old, I also lost my friend and a mentor. At that time, I had no choice but be strong for my mother and my siblings as the oldest son and oldest brother. After my father’s death, we received a medical bill of $253,000 and owed on all the other loans which my father had received from family and some banks in order to start a business. I start working on any job I could find, and took any time that I could find, as much as 35 hours constant for next few years until 2007.

In summer of 2007, I got a news that one of my father’s friend died same way without of any medical and life insurance. At that point, I start evaluating in my community and friends, and I found that there are many stories like me all over.

A family migrates to the United States for a bright future for themselves and their children but when a breadwinner of the family passes away without proper insurances, the family not just the one in United State but whoever is left in home countries is devastated without any income and any resources about 90% of the time the whole family is depended on the person earning in the income. And the survivors living in United State have to struggle and find help from the local government.

At that point, I committed myself to the financial services field. I put a responsibility on myself to help protect as many families as I can, and if I can help even one family from the disaster that my family went through, that I have achieved my goal and my mission. Ever since 2007, I take my job as a responsibility to protect and enrich lives of my clients. This career for me is beyond just a source of income, it is a responsibility. I will work to the best of my ability to serve and if I can’t help, I will find a better provider to fulfill the need of my clients that is my promise to my clients.

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Yasir Zia

President, Freedom Path financial / Islamic Wills Trust Services


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Our mission

Our mission is to earn your trust through open and clear communication, objective advice, hard work and a genuine concern for your overall financial well-being.

Our sole purpose is to help our clients arrange their financial affairs in an efficient and effective way according to Islamic Inheritance law; to preserve their capital and pursue risk-adjusted returns consistent with their financial objectives; We are committed to providing our clients with a superior level of service as well as ongoing education designed to further their understanding of our Islamic Estate Planning strategies.

Islamic Wills Trust will work alongside our clients in articulating, establishing, and achieving their financial life goals while protecting their wealth and distributing according to Islamic inheritance law as well as the United States federal and state laws.

Our vision

The vision is to be trusted and valued as the model financial planning firm by the families, clients and profession that supports others as they move through the financial cycles of life. We aspire to be the default financial advisory team that offers the highest value by offering the best solutions and support.
We will seek out clients for whom we will act as their trusted advisor, taking care of the aspects of their financial life as it progresses. We’re going to hear about their history and help them to explain their ambitions, beliefs, and aspirations, rather than just inquire about their capital structure. By incorporating our professional knowledge and experience in financial planning and wealth management, we will act as a mentor to help achieve their personal goals and recognize financial peace of mind.
We will also look for opportunities to improve the financial planning industry by educating other financial advisors nationwide. Through sharing our expertise, we will help build an atmosphere in which more and more advisors can successfully support more clients by offering comprehensive financial planning and by adhering to a fiduciary principle.

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