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What are the major categories of financial services?

Islamic Wills Trust Services believes in the confidentiality of its customers. The trust entrusted by our customers in us is always kept by us and never take that trust for granted. Our top priority is to provide a safe space for our valuable clients to share their concerns with the utmost confidentiality and expect a guided and helpful plan in return. Any agreement, information, data, or details shared with us by our clients are kept secret and are never disclosed to anyone. The information is only discussed with the concerned personnel (if agreed and mentioned by the client to disclose at the time of Will’s hearing). The guidance and information provided by us are totally unbiased. Any recommendations about financial services or investments shared by us with you are based on the requirements provided by you. We only assist you with financial services and investment opportunities that suit your needs.

Practical investment opportunities are based on the market situation, careful research, and profit calculation (as per Islamic Principles). Making decisions about channelizing and investing money into every changing and the fluctuating market is a difficult task to do. Thus, we provide practical financial services that are based on long-term planning and are not affected by short-term market fluctuations. We at Islamic Wills Trust will guide you in drafting a reliable, long-term financial investment plan so that it could benefit you in the future and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

What’s the key to financial success and stability? It’s proper planning. Planning is 80% of the work, if you plan well then you can surely invest your money wisely. Financial needs and assistance vary based on different aspects including a person’s current financial status, situation, marital status, etc. The financial needs of a single person may vary from the one who is married to someone who’s at the age of retirement. We understand these circumstances and hence provide customized financial services that meet the needs of individuals based on long-term and continuous planning. We involve our valuable clients in the decision-making and planning process so that they know what’s happening and how it’s going to benefit them.

There are three most valuable steps that are undertaken by clients when it comes to financial planning:

Wealth Accumulation

In this stage, the current wealth is calculated and based on it a strong and detailed financial plan and the foundation are laid on which profit will grow over time. Moreover, during this process, allocation and usage of money for education, residence, savings, life insurance, marriage, and other expenses are combined and calculated including tax planning techniques to ensure efficient use of current and future income.

Wealth Conservation

In this stage, we assist and guide our clients on how they can extend the efficient use of income with further diversified long-term investment strategies. These strategies are aimed at maintaining the current assets to ensure that a sufficient amount of funds are being saved and channelized for current spending and for retirement as well.

Wealth Distribution

We assist in allocating assets in a proper way for heirs so that they can avoid any unnecessary tax burdens during transfers of assets. The financial plans proposed by us after taking into consideration all the affecting factors such as economic conditions, market fluctuations, taxes, inheritance laws, etc that may occur in a lifetime of a client. We have the experience to formulate a plan carefully with your situation in mind, helping you to develop a long-term financial strategy for your needs.

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