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Halal Investment

What is Halal Investment and how can we help you?

As a business owner, financial expert, and practicing Muslim, I always sought to align my faith with my work. So, I’m very happy that you’ve taken the time to learn more about my new financial-planning program — Invest Halal — and the opportunities that this program provides to Muslim investors.

It was not an easy task to create such a program, especially here in the West. Though America is a wonderful country that provides boundless opportunities to pursue one’s dream, living here in a halal manner can often be an incredible challenge. Especially when it comes to wealth, investment, and overall financial matters. In largely Muslim countries, that is far less a daily concern; banks and financial institutions are already operating in line with the Qur’an. But there are far fewer restrictions to the American financial landscape.

Muslims and their families are held to a high, exacting standard when it comes to what we may do with our wealth, and how we may invest it. We must remain vigilant constantly, avoiding all forms of Haram financial entanglements, many of which exist It may be such a daunting task that many faithful Muslims choose to store their wealth and disregard it, rather than face the non-compliance. But although that option is reasonable, it may not be the best way to tackle religious financial issues.

We also have zakah obligations to fulfill further complicating matters. Zakat al-Mal requires us to face up to our financial circumstances, with a clear purpose — especially as our wealth begins to grow far above nisab. We have a very real religious duty to take our wealth into consideration.
So how do we tackle such daunting problems as Western Muslims? Where do we even start? Fortunately, you took the first step in answering those questions.

The sacred writings of the Qur’an specifically mention wealth, wealth acquisition, and suitable distribution. The Holy Book has already given us a guide to overcoming the problems of what to do with our wealth. And we have some of the best religious scholars in the world advising us on exactly what is permitted by the Qur’an.

Invest Halal is a wealth-management platform of investment strategies and packages that are carefully screened and curated to comply with shariah. Most of the companies and institutions involved follow the standards developed by organizations, such as the Islamic Financial Entities Accounting and Auditing Organization. In the same way, All financial advisory services are offered to pass a rigorous screening test for scriptural adherence. And this includes you’re about to read this guide.

It has been written for faith-based wealth management Muslim investors who want to know more about what that means All of the research comes from religious scholars, structured to be fully compliant with the sharia. In short: You wrote this guide.

Take your time, please; browse and read through the details here at your leisure. We want you to be well-informed about what is allowed so that we can work together to make sensible financial decisions. It is one of our highest priorities to earn your trust. And we are so grateful that you and your family have taken this crucial step towards ensuring a financial future. A future of which you can be proud because it is in accordance with our faith.

Through A Screen
To simplify the task of identifying investments that meet specific criteria, financial institutions and analysts are using a series of screens to place companies through. Islamic screens evaluate whether a company’s business is halal or haram:

  • Is the company engaged in haram business?
  • Is the leverage, or debt ratio, too high for the business?
  • Is a percentage of the company’s assets too large liquid, or in cash?
  • How do I make sure that the items I am investing in are worth investing in and work in accordance with Islamic regulations and principles?
  • What type of investment is going to help me and my family in the present such as sending children to college or receiving a lump sum amount on a monthly basis?

When it comes to halal investing investment decisions are preferred to be made according to the principles of Islam. Islam requires that Muslim investors should share in both profit and loss margins and that they should not receive any interest (riba) on the invested amount. Islamic principles strictly advise Muslims to not invest in businesses that are prohibited in Islam.

We at Islamic Wills Trust are committed to providing you with the right information for investment and to further guide you on what Islamic Principles say and how you can invest securely. We take all the hassle of creating drafts and investment plans for you so that you can decide on your plans peacefully and focus on your successful life.

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