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Why Should I Make A Sharia Compliant Will?

The Muslim community abroad faces difficulty in finding someone who could guide them on creating a lawfull will based on Islamic regulations and conditions. Considering the need, Islamic Wills Trust is here to guide you better on the dealings and regulations of Islamic Wills and how to have one.

We provide a wide range of services and solutions pertaining to Islamic wills. Islam highly believes in the ultimate concept of Equality and thus encourages everyone to follow the path of right and equality among others. To make reliable, long-lasting and immediate improvements to the lives of the people we assure you to provide you with the best possible ways and solutions to write down your Islamic will in an appropriate manner that can be used after your death and shall not be nullified in any case.

If a person fears that the testator is [wrongfully] inclined [to one party] or is sinning [by depriving the rightful heir in the will, and so that person intervenes between the testator and the potential heirs] and makes peace between them – then there is no sin on him. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (2:182)


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Islamic Estate Plan

(Custom-Tailored Solutions)

We are the Muslim financial consultants who are considerate about providing Personalized Islamic Estate Planning.

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Islamic Estate Planning

(Fulfill Your Islamic Obligation)

Islamic Wills Trust is here to assist the Muslim community with detailed information about Islamic Estate Planning with an aim to allow the Muslims to

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Long-Term Care Planning

(Live a Long Life with Protection)

It is good to plan for hereafter, but we always encourage and recommend our Muslim American clients to consider protecting their life with overall

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Halal Investment

(The power to help you succeed)

To have a peace of soul and mind, it is important to consider halal investment. Investing in accordance with Islamic principles can offer numerous benefits

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Financial Services

(Our mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve)

Islamic Wills Trust believes in the confidentiality of its customers. The trust entrusted by our customers

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Asset Protection

(Strategy. Talent. Results)

The main purpose of the legislative tools utilized in the process of asset protection is not meant to cover any personal or business properties or to cheat

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