If we look at the Islamic rituals and study shariah, it teaches Muslims to make a will. It is necessary to distribute the assets to the children or relatives. Now the question is how the will is created and what is Islamic will 1/3. What does it mean, and how does it can be created?

Before going for the discussion first, we should know how to create the will. If a person dies without making a will, then in that situation, the executor is appointed by the government. He, after knowing about relatives, divides the assets in the right way according to Islamic rules. The pay of the executor is given to the person who contacts government officials for creating a will.

Secondly, if a person doesn’t take the help of the government, he can talk to his family related to divide the assets according to shariah. Most of the time, it happens if the family member agrees, and they divide assets without seeking the help of outside sources. But, sometimes contradictions occur, people may become enemies of their blood relations, and the family has to face the negative consequences. In that situation, it is important to have a will so that after the death of the head, the family member know about the will and get the assets that are their right.


Write 1/3 Islamic Will for Estate Planning

Write 1/3 Islamic Will for Estate Planning

One third option

Creating an Islamic will 1/3 is essential from the Islamic point of you. Mainly when a person makes a will, he has three options. That he has full control to make a will, he has the partial right for creating a will, or he won’t have any control over it. From an Islamic point of view, before the person dies, he has the right to one-third of his property while two-thirds he can distribute to the family members. He writes the Islamic will according to the guidance in the Quran. The system has introduced the appropriate way of the distribution of property in society.


Distribution of wealth from one-third will.

After the death of the person, the Islamic will 1/3 is disposed of according to a person’s wish. It can be disclosed only by creating the will. The person who gets one-third has the right to give it to any family member, friend, or relative, or he may charity it to any organization.

One can distribute equally to his family members. It is clearly quoted in Islam a person makes an Islamic will 1/3. The person has to make a will for parents, relatives, or any other in a fair manner.

From the Islamic point of you, a person has to create a will for one-third of his wealth. If he does not do so, then he does sin. It is because it is the right of family members to get the wealth that the head of the family left for them. Equal distribution is necessary, so one no get injustice regarding the distribution of the assets.


Start Writing Your 1/3 Islamic Will